My name is Lewis Bostock. I am a house and pet sitter based in Auckland. For the past 6 months, I have looked after homes and pets primarily in the Rodney and North Shore region.

If you're going away, relax. You can rest assured that your home and pets will be looked after. When you return to your sanctuary, it will be safe, sound and super clean.

If you or someone you know is going away for a time, let me know. Find out more here.



I am looking forward to beginning the new year as Head of Media Studies at Pakuranga College. I have just left my position at Mahurangi College where I taught English & Media Studies for 3 years. My first year was spent teaching Media Studies at Diocesan School for Girls.

Before I became I teacher, I started Bostock Media where I freelanced in the media industry for about 5 years. During this time, I also worked at South Seas Film & Television School and Yoobee School of Design in digital marketing. I have made a number of marketing and promotional videos for small to medium enterprises including Columbus Coffee, Y Fitness, Custom Residential and Competenz. Freelancing in the media industry also led me to pursue opportunities in film publicity, film criticism, social media, crowdfunding -- anything I could get my hands on! 

My enthusiasm for media, technology and education has led me to speaking opportunities at AUT University, Wellington Loop 2014, Orewa College 2014, Study Auckland 2013, ArtsLab and The New Zealand International Education Conference. I hold a BA in Media Studies from The University of Auckland and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching from AUT University. I live in Auckland, New Zealand where I am often seen scrutinising films, books and popular culture over a cup of tea. Look out for the guy wearing purple glasses.

For my full curriculum vitae, please click here. For my LinkedIn profile, click here.



Originally from Plymouth in the United Kingdom, my family emigrated to New Zealand in 1996. Our entire lives were packed up and moved in just 10 suitcases! After landing in Auckland, we drove north until it felt nice and landed on the Hibiscus Coast. I went to Orewa College and graduated early so I could study English and Media Studies at the University of Auckland.

At the age of 21, I started Bostock Media. I freelanced as a web video producer for about 5 years. This led me to positions at South Seas Film & Television and Yoobee School of Design in digital marketing. During this time, I honed my skills in writing, public speaking and teaching.

What I loved the most was teaching so I decided to pursue it, full time. After graduating from AUT University with a diploma in secondary teaching, I began my career at Diocesan School for Girls as a Media Studies teacher. After Dio, I taught English and Media Studies at Mahurangi College for 3 years. In 2018, I will begin my position as Head of Media Studies at Pakuranga College.

If I am not in classroom, you can find me peering over my purple glasses: scrutinising books, films and popular culture over a cup of earl grey tea. My students are surprised when I tell them I have visited the cinema once a week, every week since I was 13 years old!


  • Wrote, directed and produced a short film Hey Beautiful, which was featured on the front page of YouTube and has 38,000+ views to date.

  • Produced and starred in a 6-episode web series on social media called The Social Life.

  • Had breakfast with John Stevenson, the director of Kung Fu Panda.

  • Wrote film reviews for View New Zealand.

  • Raised over $2,000 to help my friends get their film to AFI Fest in Los Angeles.

  • Blogged for the crowd funding website Pledge Me.

  • Worked as a publicist for David Blyth's horror film Wound.

  • Helped out on the New Zealand films Compound and Orphans and Kingdoms, my name appears in the credits!